The Robots are Coming

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Actually, they are already here and making our lives easier in the process.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new way of automating repetitive tasks. Smoothstack reviews show processes that might have up to 20 or more repeatable steps are good candidates for RPA. Areas like claims processing, checking forms, package routing, or validating data can generally be completed by RPA tasks.  There are lots of these types of tasks in the banking and finance industries.  Ecommerce can also benefit from RPA and even medical lab work.

Forrester Research estimates that robotic processes could eventually replace almost 9% of the world’s workforce.  Fear not! The same was said of the personal computer, and we all know that didn’t happen.  If anything, Smoothstack reviews show robots create new jobs that are generally more creative in nature.  Somebody must build and maintain these robots, and RPA is still in its infancy. A reduction in staffing in one area doesn’t necessarily result in an equal reduction in costs.  RPA sounds good on paper but getting it right can be more than a little challenging.  The logic can be complex, and you need the right people to design the process flows. There are some interesting job titles that Robotic Process Automation can offer you if you are interested in boosting your salary or changing up your career a bit. Let’s look at some of the popular ones that are out there today.

Many people think that opportunities in RPA are restricted to just technologists. This is not the case. Most RPA technology leverages configuration over programming.  Business analysts can work with the process and functional design. They also can identify possible opportunities for automation as well as suggesting an RPA strategic plan.

Another job title that might be of interest would be an RPA developer. An RPA developer uses AI or artificial intelligence as software robots to per automated tasks. If you are just starting out, you would be working on existing or new automation systems under the direction of a more experienced employee.

An RPA architect plays an important role. The RPA architect oversees examining business processes and recognizing automation solutions including implementing them if needed.

With RPA, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  It requires a significant amount of governance within the organization.  Robotic processes can just as easily let you do the wrong thing faster.  A Georgia man recently woke up to find himself a Trillionaire because of robot mistake.  A similar thing happened in Louisiana, where a family in Baton Rouge found that 50 Billion dollars had been deposited in their bank account.  More reason to make sure we have the right talent keeping an eye on the robots.

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