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We live in a time when too many people interested in technology are being turned away because they don’t have the requisite experience. This doesn’t even include the two-thirds of all women who don’t even consider tech because they believe, or have been told, that the barrier to entry is too high. Smoothstack is working to change that. Smoothstack reviews their modern-day apprenticeship model, optimizing it for the twenty-first century. Smoothstack’s apprenticeship consists of 6 phases: Application Process, Engagement Period, Training, Marketing, Deployment, and Mentorship…and it all starts with you!

Application Process

First, you apply for a role that suits you best at  This action will kicks off the application process, which consists of several steps:  

1) Depending on the role, you will take a coding challenge or applicable assessment. 

2) If you pass, you will be invited to an initial pre-screen call where our recruiters will learn about your background and determine whether you would be a good fit for Smoothstack.

3) Assuming the role would be a good fit for you, you will be invited to a video screening with a member of Smoothstack’s technical team. There you will be asked technical questions to ensure you have the baseline technology requirements in order to be successful as a Smoothstackemployee. 

4) Those who excel, will receive a letter about the acceptance to the engagement portion of the apprenticeship.

Engagement Period 

Well, at this point you’ve already passed a technical screening, and we already believe that you’re a good technical fit. We still want to make sure that you also have other necessary qualities to be a SmoothstackApprentice. For example, how quickly you grasp new technical concepts, how you collaborate or communicate with your teammates, and how well you deliver requirements and meet deadlines. Those who excel in these areas will receive an offer letter from Smoothstack. Once you accept it, you’re a full-time Smoothstack employee which means the official training starts and you’re getting paid for being trained.

Employee Training 

Employee training usually takes around 12-14 weeks and is mainly project-based. As you attend daily classes with Smoothstack trainers and learn new skills, you apply them to capstone project(s) and build on top of it until your training is finished. You will work in a simulated work environment that follows Agile methodologies and will receive requirements from your product owner and Scrum master. This will prepare you to hit the ground running when you start working on Smoothstack client project(s). 


By the end of the training, you will have completed your first project. You will meet with one or more of our employer partners and present the work you’ve done during training. A client that finds you and your skills a good fit for their team will request you for their project(s). 


The 1st thing that happens is a salary adjustment. Your salary goes up from a training rate to a deployment rate. You meet your new teammates and start working on projects. Since you’re still a Smoothstack employee, we want to make sure that you are successful while working with our clients, and we are here to support you. 


Smoothstack staff will be communicating with you regularly. We want to get your feedback on your role and provide support or additional training if you need it. We will also be reaching out to your supervisors and getting feedback on your performance, and letting you know where you stand. This continues throughout the whole Apprenticeship which lasts about two (2)  years. Smoothstack believes that there are so many talented people out there that deserve to be in the Tech Industry, and we make sure those individuals claim their spot. 

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