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The Smoothstack reviews website is dedicated to highlighting how Smoothstack’s unique business model is disrupting IT hiring through the elimination of bias typically found in traditional hiring. 

Smoothstack is an IT company that does client-based work for large to midsize companies across the U.S.  They mainly specialize in Full Stack Java development, DevOps, Networking, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), Data Science, and Machine Learning related initiatives, both in the federal and commercial space. With a social mission dedicated to removing bias in hiring and increasing representation and diversity in IT, the company has created a unique hiring model that breaks down unnecessary walls and shattering glass ceilings.

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Smoothstack does not place a high value on prior experience and educational pedigree to develop talent, etc.  Whether a candidate is self-taught or has a computer science degree is irrelevant, as the company focuses more on what candidates know and what they can do.  A typical Smoothtack new hire has basic scripting knowledge, a passion for IT, a desire to learn, a high aptitude, willingness to collaborate, ability to grasp and implement new concepts quickly, and thinks outside the box.

Because Smoothstack builds and manages its in-house training program for internal employees, the firm can expose its employees to simulated environments and projects they could expect to see in the real world.   Consequently, they provide employees with the skills required to positively and rapidly impact client IT projects, all while building relevant work experience.

Another ingredient to Smoothstack’s “secret sauce” is their career development roadmap, designed to give employees invaluable experience for their future roles at Smoothstack and beyond. Case studies show that after two years, Smoothstack employees earn more, perform better, and have a higher level of demonstrated skill than their peers.

Additionally, Smoothstack’s model greatly benefits Smoothstack employees and clients through a significant reduction in ramp-up time. This means that staff are productive and engaged from day-one on client projects, thus saving time and money on hand-holding and mentorship while also driving increased employee retention.  As a result, clients see significant cost savings through high retention.  Additionally, when Smoothstack’s clients outsource training and upskilling to Smoothstack (at no cost), Smoothstack’s clients are better positioned to focus on their core competencies and specializations.

Another major benefit to Smoothstack employees and clients is Smoothstack’s diverse workforce. It is well known, especially true in IT, that successful projects are correlated to highly diverse teams.  Since Smoothstack has made their hiring process a meritocracy and has eliminated traditional hiring bias, they are able to build a diverse workforce, the main component of their core mission.

Traditionally, companies that focus on diversity and inclusion cannot successfully reach their diversity goals as these initiatives are created as add-ons to the hiring process instead of incorporated into the mainstream hiring process. By focusing on existing skills and aptitude and removing traditional barriers, Smoothstack is able to bring diversity to the forefront of hiring and attract employees from different backgrounds without sacrificing quality.

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In upcoming Smoothstack Reviews blog entries, we will discuss the IT industry’s future, new IT trends, best practices for IT workers, and how to build an outstanding portfolio. Smoothstack Reviews and Smoothstack are dedicated to exploring trends in emerging talent and last-mile education as it relates to IT talent.   This site can be used as a resource to help inform those interested in working in the IT and tech industry. 

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